Happiness one bite at a time…Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co.

Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co. is a bonafide Toronto success story.  If you’re into sugary confections like I am, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out.  Founded in 2009 by Melanie Abdilla, the company offers a variety of mini cupcakes and regular size cupcakes (called Chubby Pies) in a plethora of flavours to suit any palette.   Inspired by everyone’s favourite pies, treats and deserts,  Cutiepie Cupcakes was Toronto’s first specialty cupcake bakery of its kind.   My personal favourite flavour is Black Forest Romp, but with others like Birthday Cake Brule, Cookie Dough Craze, Triple Chocolate Mousse and many more, how can you go wrong?
Hard work, perseverance and word of mouth all factored into it too of course.   A self-taught baker, Melanie has a degree in Psychology and a background in Advertising.  All that, combined with her networking prowess has made Cutiepie Cupcakes recognized all over Toronto.   In addition to the cupcakes, they recently introduced Whoopie Pies, hand-held cake-wiches in multiple flavours.   Reviews are generally ecstatic.  Erica from Manhattan, NY had this to say;
“I had a few different favors and almost died when I tried the cookie dough flavour. Amazing amazing amazing.  I definitely plan to order CutiePie cupcakes any time I can think of an excuse to!”
while Kia from Toronto was equally effusive in her praise;
“These cupcakes are beautiful, delicious and made with love.  The icing and toppings are killer!  I think my family has enjoyed them for the last 2 years as part of our Christmas feast and birthdays.  Yummmm!”
Some famous fans of these cupcakes include Toronto Mayor John Tory, CP 24 and The Social host Melissa Grelo, and Canadian rocker Mark Holmes from Platinum Blonde.
Every order is baked freshly for each client.  You can design your own special cupcake or whoopie pie with their “Cupcake Genie” feature.  Membership in their Cupcake Club makes a perfect gift or a great monthly reward for your home or business.  They also do a lot of catering and charitable events all year long.
I first met Melanie at a 2012 event hosted by 3SHAHS jewellery called Gifts that Give, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Hosted by media personality Jacqui Skeete, it was held at a popular Queen West restaurant called Nyood.  I’d recently lost my Mom to breast cancer, and I was writing for a publication called Pink and Teal, which provided valuable information and insights to women (and men) living with breast cancer and survivors.    I’d been assigned this event by Pink and Teal’s amazing editor, Lisa Bucher, so I was there getting the story and taking pictures.   Melanie was there supporting the event and promoting her delectable wares.  Not only did I get the story, I found another outlet for my sweet tooth and I met a very charitable young entrepreneur I’m glad to call a friend.
So, if you’re in the mood for a mouth-watering treat, (who isn’t?) look no further than Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co.  You can check out their newly redesigned website at http://www.cutiepiecupcakes.ca,  visit their Facebook page or give them a call at 416-992-2882.
UPDATE (January 27)-An exclusive launch party for their new online store was held at The Citizen restaurant and bar down on King St. W.  on January 21.   It was, as expected, a huge success.  Check out Gary Wilson’s amazing coverage of this event in Eligible Magazine;
As renowned chef Julia Child once said, ” a party without cake is just a meeting.”  So indulge in some Cutiepie Cupcakes, Chubby Pies, or Whoopee Pies and whether you’re convening a meeting or just hanging out with friends, enjoy life, eat some cupcakes and party on!
a variety of cupcakes for every palette
Melanie Abdilla, founder of Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co.


the Cutiepie Cupcakes & Co. logo

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